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Eps 49 – Cocaine Cowboy-Billy Corben

Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Broke, Screwball) joins the show and Gregg and Imran chat with their first award winning filmmaker and actually pull it off. We talk about cocaine, Dear John, brisket, cubans, pointless theatre degrees and...

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Episode 48 – ARIANA GRANDE

Dick Jones has a major special report from the CDC, Imran tries to convince Gregg to break up with Tom hanks, Ariana Grande’s Brain thingy, PTSD, and we hear from a woman who licks her cat and chews on...

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Dick Jones-Trailer/Preview

In a small town called Shinebelt, the town priest goes missing. A shocking, provocative and horrifying deep dive into a small town unsolved murder. A brand new true crime podcast coming soon.

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A Note from the Boss

Hello Weiner Sheikher’s & prospecitve Sheikher’s.  I’m the boss, or as I prefer to be referred to as, “The Head J-Word in Charge.”  Just wanted to take this moment to say that Imran and I are thrilled to be collaborating on such an incredible adventure.  Thanks for joining us in our endeavor to pass on smiles and thoughts if but for a stolen moment or two.

Show Hosts

Gregg Weiner

Gregg is based wherever the man won’t try to hold him back from doing what he loves.  He’s in show business folks.  He’s on 102.7 The Beach as an on-air personality.  He’s been seen as Bingo in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia (Season 3).  He got a real sensual massage from Miles Teller in War Dogs.  And Bronson Pinchot mocked Gregg’s upper body while shooting a failed Pilot.  

Imran Sheikh

Imran has 15 degrees in everything from Biology to OK Cupid analytic evaluations.  He is based in New York City and is an insanely talented, funny and kind soul.  His Violin-girl saga is a show centerpiece and an in-depth essay he wrote can be heard in Episode 5 of the Weiner Sheikh Show.

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Are Gregg & imran really friends

The term “friendship” has plagued relationships from the dawn of jealousy.  Gregg has a nice car & a girlfriend.  Imran is smarter with more hair and more years left to achieve desired success.  They respect each other but loathe who each person is at their core.  

How much time does dick jones have

Dick Jones is currently in ICU due to complications with his neck fat getting in the way of his breathing.  He’s a good guy, but he is eating his way into an early grave.  We think he’s about 5 boxes of Ho-Ho’s and 10 Liters of Sunkist away from sudden death.

What is dick waste

A term coined by the Head J-word in Charge.  Dick waste is surplus baby batter that builds up over time due to lack of climaxes.  Typically, men who over analyze OK Cupid profiles, and write long letters to girls who have ghosted him have an overabundance of said “Waste”

are gregg's calves real or implants

Most people rarely get a glance of his heavenly calves.  Only a select few have gazed upon what are, in fact real and perfectly sculpted calves.  Gregg is currently calf-modeling for a good number of sportswear companies in USA