Month: June 2018

Episode 19 – Jane Doe Lost & Love Requited @ Studio 102

Imran opens up about his last serious relationship and $hit gets real. Gregg opens up about asking Tom Hanks to be his girl while Imran picks his nose and flicks his boogie’s on the floor. Imran teaches us how heavy Wolverines claws are and his IBS seems to be under control thanks to Blue Apron (who refuses to be our show sponsor.) Our first official listener feedback reignites the implied consent debate over safe sex practices. Imran’s jealousy rears its head again, and he continues to steal jokes from Gregg. It is by far the most moving episode of The Weiner Sheikh Show to date.

Episode 18 – Bromancing the Intervention

On a very special episode, Imran brings out his true broadcaster, as Gregg comes hat in hand to apologize for his side of the animus over the last 4 episodes. Gregg tries to truly open up about how much laughter has really meant to him in his life & his pure love for Imran. And, in true Imran fashion, he mocks Gregg’s attempts by adhering to his boss’s taunts that he behave like a professional broadcaster. Then Gregg wonders if the show sucks. Feel free to call in to the phone number that is actually REAL – 302-RAW-DONG. This is an episode that is for the books.

Episode 17 – The Price is Wrong, Hollow Spirit Thriller & Tardiness

A morning taping of the show proves Imran can’t be on time even at the start of his day. He’s in rare form and funnier than ever. We argue about a sound drop, violin girl update, we introduce our new producing partners, and a newly released Michael Jackson cover and we get a visit from Dr. Bill/Phil.

Episode 16 – The Animus & Dip$hit Show, Gregg Loves Tom & Stuttering Private Parts

Imran drops Glenn Howerton’s name AGAIN, he tells a touching story about his father, Gregg’s relatives trash the bit and Aunt Tom comes back with a fury and cements her place in The Weiner Sheikh Show with gusto. We talk about Nick Kroll and Big Mouth, Gregg admits he loves Tom Hanks, we learn things about girls we never knew, Imran admits he has a squatting kink, Grandpa Dave’s Stuttering cause is dissected. Gregg used to get judged for eating at restaurants alone by waiters & a Starbucks barista judged Gregg for getting an extra shot in his cafe mocha and he vents to his bff Imran.

Episode 15 – Paula’s Lost Tapes, Sex Scenarios & Running Out of Skin – NSFW

Paula’s Episode. Taped between episodes 4 & 5, this was initially supposed to be Episode 6.Of course its a sexually charged episode because when Gregg & Imran get around girls, they turn into children. We rate each other on a scale of 1-10, and get offended. Paula and Imran discuss the #metoo movement briefly, Latin X, boring political correctness talk… I ask Imran to swear on the Koran about how he tricked me into thinking he FB shared, we eventually spiral into euphemisms for boobs and other lady parts. Call us at 302-RAW-DONG

Episode 14 – Cuddling w/Father Prospero, Garbage Empanadas & Vince Mcmahon – NSFW

We begin by mocking each others mothers. Sergio’s sells bullshit empanadas. People who don’t take podcasting seriously, Imran somehow compares a sound drop to professional wrestling and then tells us how Vince McMahon is a great actor. We meet some of Gregg’s relatives including Aunt Tom. We get a Violinist update & Gregg finally admits that he & Tom Hanks have not had sex.

Episode 13 – Matzoh Sex, Adderall Oral, & Uncles on Camels – NSFW

We cover a lot of ground in this episode: including, some Would you Rather’s, Adderall Oral, Matzoh eating, sex mistakes, weed smoking, Imran continues to be late, make excuses and defend arguments that he thinks will annoy me. A development in the violinist saga. Please rate, review, subscribe and share. Thanks!

Episode 12 – Sex, Race & The Noble Savage – NSFW

Chipotle stores are garbage, Sports Grille Chicken Wraps, and the waiters of our world, Tom Hanks and Gregg’s first date, then we take off our pants because we are so jacked up on podcast momentum, we make fun of each other’s body’s, Imran pretends to be politically correct, we talk about losing our V-cards, we bicker a bit more than usual, and Imran delights us with stories about cricket in pakistan, we try to rationalize why the violinist cut Imran off and more.