Month: May 2019

Episode 50 – Straight Outta Brooklyn

Episode 50
The boys broadcast from Brooklyn in the same room for the first time to celebrate their 50th Episode Anniversary. Imran decides to make a crank call live in the middle of the show without blocking his number. Dick Jones does a Kendall drive-thru fast food update, blows the lid off a Panda Express story, and then later in the p-cast drops a bomb shell on everyone. The Hollow Spirit Studio’s boys join, along Aunt Tom, Dr. Bill/Phil, Kamron, and Son of Stephen Hawking all make brief but somewhat memorable appearances. And a special in-car riff with the boys and Dick on the BQE.

Special Thanks to Benjamin Spradley for housing Gregg Weiner Productions, Inc.

Eps 49 – Cocaine Cowboy-Billy Corben

Billy Corben (Cocaine Cowboys, The U, Broke, Screwball) joins the show and Gregg and Imran chat with their first award winning filmmaker and actually pull it off. We talk about cocaine, Dear John, brisket, cubans, pointless theatre degrees and the how and why Billy got into making documentaries and starting Rakontur. Follow Billy on Twitter @billycorben