Episode 48 – ARIANA GRANDE

Dick Jones has a major special report from the CDC, Imran tries to convince Gregg to break up with Tom hanks, Ariana Grande’s Brain thingy, PTSD, and we hear from a woman who licks her cat and chews on its fur….

The Mysterious Disappearance of Dick Jones-Trailer/Preview

In a small town called Shinebelt, the town priest goes missing. A shocking, provocative and horrifying deep dive into a small town unsolved murder. A brand new true crime podcast coming soon.

EPISODE 47 – Fresh Out The Gate

Imran has a real violin girl update, both of the guys are “backed up”. Ghost of James Gandolfini, Woke Demon Voice, Dick Jones, and other hilarity on our 47th episode of The Weiner Sheikh Show. Rate, Review & Subscribe

Episode 46 – Dick Eating Mattress

Update on the Tom Hanks saga. Biggest show to date. A woman eats mattresses, Imran is creating a Tinder profile against Gregg’s wishes. Autism, teenage deviants, embarrassing admissions, and raw honesty. And lots of comedy. Recorded 3/18/19

Episode 45 – The Morning After…3/11

Gregg is raw & salty AF, fresh off a major situation with Tom Hanks from the night before. Imran does his best to feed Gregg hope and advice. Recorded March 11, 2019.

Episode 44 – Neverland & Bombs

Big show. Special Guest, embattled Port Richey Mayor Massad joins the show. Gregg has a moment at Publix last Saturday night. The boys try to discuss Part 1 of the Michael Jackson documentary. We hear an old crank call made by a childish version of Gregg. Dr Bill-Phil joins the show to listen to a documentary about a man in a full blown relationship with his car. Finally a man is “fixin to blow up a bathroom” in a Home Depot. Dick Jones uncle is in the hospital once again. And The Weiner Sheikh Show welcomes a new sponsor.

Episode 43 – The Return

Imran returns. Dick Jones resents him, Son of Stephen with dating advice, Dr. Bill-Phil answers a listeners email about a tumultuous marriage in the early stages of possible failure.

Episode 42-How Was Your Day?

Dick, Gregg, James Gandolfini, Dr. Bill-Phil hold it down with Imran again. Gregg fires Imran in his own mind. Again. They leave a message on Imran’s voicemail, they mock Gregg and Imran. Dick has a love essay of his own and reads it for the show. And the show beers into relationship/addict advice. Strangely.

EPISODE 41 -Dick on Blackface

Without Imran, Gregg, Dick Jones and Dr. Bill Phil cover food, blackface, Tom Hanks, Imran’s absence, food, Juuling, and other little tidbits. A blooper reel is featured when Tom Hanks helped with show imaging.


Reunited after a prolonged hiatus the guys pick up where they left off.