Episode 1 – Imran Sheikh’s Thoughts & Prayers

I’m finally joined by Imran Sheikh, our regular featured guest. He delights us with his point of view on being Islamic and how Jennifer Lawrence is a Hard 4 on a scale of 1 to 10 apparently and how “Thoughts & Prayers” can be used in more situations than we use it for now. We talk about Zuckerberg, Trumps Lawyer getting “Broken into” by the FBI and other stuff. He’s funny. Gregg & Imran want to help you open that jar of peanut butter, heal you with sensual oils, and advise you on how to screw up your life even more, so give us a call and leave us a message and we may feature you and or your issues on the podcast: 302-RAW-DONG. Thats serious btw. CALL US!

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