Episode 23 – OK Cupid, Violin Watermelons, & Westchester Bully Teachers

Gregg is having hot flashes. We listen to audio tape of a teacher in Westchester, (Miami,FL) brow beating a 5 year old and calling him a “loser” and says she feels sorry his mother. Imran gets anxiety from the idea of hanging with another guy socially and he cant look at his junk while knocking himself about in his no-no place. The men discuss the ins and outs of making love to fruit, get turned on and then pick on each other playfully. Imran regales us with his idea of his own prison ship, for some reason. An OK Cupid profile gives Imran new hope that Violin girl is still sweet on him, and Gregg makes some improvements to his soundboard. 
Imran says, “Here’s the Thing” over 9,843 times.

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