Episode 46 – Dick Eating Mattress

Update on the Tom Hanks saga. Biggest show to date. A woman eats mattresses, Imran is creating a Tinder profile against Gregg’s wishes. Autism, teenage deviants, embarrassing admissions, and raw honesty. And lots of comedy. Recorded 3/18/19

Episode 45 – The Morning After…3/11

Gregg is raw & salty AF, fresh off a major situation with Tom Hanks from the night before. Imran does his best to feed Gregg hope and advice. Recorded March 11, 2019.

Episode 44 – Neverland & Bombs

Big show. Special Guest, embattled Port Richey Mayor Massad joins the show. Gregg has a moment at Publix last Saturday night. The boys try to discuss Part 1 of the Michael Jackson documentary. We hear an old crank call made by a childish version...

Episode 43 – The Return

Imran returns. Dick Jones resents him, Son of Stephen with dating advice, Dr. Bill-Phil answers a listeners email about a tumultuous marriage in the early stages of possible failure.

Episode 42-How Was Your Day?

Dick, Gregg, James Gandolfini, Dr. Bill-Phil hold it down with Imran again. Gregg fires Imran in his own mind. Again. They leave a message on Imran’s voicemail, they mock Gregg and Imran. Dick has a love essay of his own and reads it for...

EPISODE 41 -Dick on Blackface

Without Imran, Gregg, Dick Jones and Dr. Bill Phil cover food, blackface, Tom Hanks, Imran’s absence, food, Juuling, and other little tidbits. A blooper reel is featured when Tom Hanks helped with show imaging.

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